ENEM Food Sealing Machine, 8 Inch (200 mm)


ENEM sealing machine is proudly Made in India! We have used high quality transformer + High Quality Plug + heavy gauge wire so ensures good performance and optimum safety. This is a perfect sealer to seal foil, mylar, chip, cellophane, snack, kraft, tea, polyester, P.V.A., pliofilm, tivac, saran and all other heat sealable material bags, which is ideal for household, retail, produce, grocery stores, and industrial sealing. TOP INDIAN QUALITY – so you can buy with confidence and sealing happily ever after. Adjustable heat settings for the different materials being used. For most applications, using the impulse heat sealer at heat setting of 3 is sufficient. However, different temperature settings will be more suitable for certain materials of a higher or lower melting point or thickness. The adjustable timer makes it easy to seal a variety of packaging. For example: General Plastic Bags (0-2), Aluminium Foil Bags (2-3) & Plastic Paper Bags (2-3). 


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